Saturday, February 9, 2013

some kind of routine

can't believe my first week off is almost over :(

the surgery went well and my partner is doing great :D

the pain is much more manageable now and she's back home with me :)

so I cook, clean and all lol I'm her personal nurse

I even made a cheesecake in the pressure cooker! My first attempt at a cheese cake was for her bday a couple of years ago and while it wasn't done in the pressure cooker back then, it looked like rubber lol and I ended up being the only one who dared to touch it!

but not this time :) it's really good! :))

so yeah, back to workout updates... I'm not doing as much as I want but I've been doing more than I feared. I should be doing 5k fuelpoints combined with 20k steps, but I'm doing around 2500-3000 fuelpoints combined with really not enough steps! lol

but I feared I'd be under 2k fuelpoints so it's not that bad all things considered. of course I eat junk and I really don't wanna look at the scale, but as my partner is slowly feeling better, I'll start going to the gym again. (haven't been able to leave her alone in the house a lot so far, only the bare minimum to go get her meds or quick errands)

in the meantime I'm working on little home projects. I fixed a t.p. roll holder in one of the bathrooms lol, I bought 2 doorknobs to replace old ones in the house hopefully tomorrow or next week... I have a hole in drywall to fix... and a couple of things to hang up in my office. so at least I'm working down that list... lol :)

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