Sunday, February 3, 2013

last sprint...

busy busy busy, that sums my last couple of weeks well... lol

tomorrow is my last day at work for a while... I'm taking time off to take care of my partner.

She's having surgery Tuesday and I'm nervous... her anxiety is so so leading up to the surgery, but I really don't wanna lose her. I already knew she's my soulmate, but the upcoming surgery is making me feel it even more.

so yeah, the surgery calls for 8 weeks of rest, so I'm taking the first 3 weeks off work so I can be home to take care of her without going crazy running around home + work

I'll try to be as active as I can, but not sure I'll be able to go to the gym... I might only be able to run around the block waving at my partner after each lap! lol

the #nikeplus community is awesome! I added a lot of people on my leaderboard and it's really is a strong motivator :) it's just too bad I can't really go to the gym lately... but I'll catch up soon :D

we're finally all settled in our new offices (another reason I was running all over the place!) so I'm looking forward to go in tomorrow to wrap things up before taking time off to rest + focus on getting my partner back on her feet.

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