Saturday, January 19, 2013

random news

had an average week this week... it started as a great week, but along the way it became an average week... why?

well a friend of my partner needed a place to crash while dealing with something huge in her life... so she spent most of the week with us and since I was being the awesome partner that I am lol I spent a lot of time supporting my gf while also being there for her friend.

so I've skipped the gym on Thursday :(

and well yesterday and today were my usual weekend routine, nothing much happening... lol it's funny how it's so easy for me to hit my goals during the workdays, but almost impossible during the weekend!

I'm working on that! pfff :P

I did shovel twice today, but spent most of the day resting instead of going to the gym... not nearly enough to get my 5k FuelPoints + 20k steps... oh well

food-wise I've been doing better and better each day. so I'm trying hard to make it all come together for the upcoming week!

aiming for 4 perfect work days + hitting my goals for 2 of my 3 weekend days :)

last week I received the official results souvenir book/magazine from the Chicago marathon... reading the cheesy commercials + all the names including mine made me teary eyed! lol had a hard time realizing I really did it! it's done.. it's behind me now!

I am a marathoner! and nobody can take that away from me! :D

mini side note on the Lance Armstrong scandal : not impressed by his "confession" (he said nothing new really) and he came across as scaaaaaary! (egomaniac, sociopath, bully and more) the only thing clear is how badly he wants to compete again, which makes his life-time ban all the more fitting. Hoping nobody will give him another chance to ruin another sport (running, triathlon or anything else he might want to get involved in)

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