Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New year new goals!

ok so I've raised the bar a lil... my goal is to combine 5000 Fuelpoints with 20000 steps.

So far I'm on a 3 day streak for the points, didn't get the steps yesterday... but I don't worry too much about it.

feels great to be back at the gym :)

I've decided to stop playing hockey, I'll ask my sis if she wants my forward's gear for her bf or her son for free and I'll see if I sell or give away my goaltender's gear at the end of my current season.

I've taken a break from the trainer and the nutritionnist because my trainer left to start his own business and I don't want to start with a new trainer on a different plan. So I'm doing my current plan as best as I can before going to meet a new trainer early spring or something.

I got my appointment for my annual exam with my GP at the end of March, so I'm trying to slowly but surely lose as much weight as I can before then.

I reaaaaally loooove the NikeFuel twitter account and they keep retweeting people asking for friends to challenge them on the website so I've added a couple of people with similar goals so it's really fun to try to top them :)

I also convinced a coworker to get the FuelBand so I'm cheering him on :) another coworker bought it for his gf and we'll see if she adds me :)

so yeah, taking it easy... just getting back into the swing of things. will focus more on healthy foods and increasing intensity after my partner's surgery... (I'll take some time off to take care of her... so I'll try to keep going to the gym, but I'm not sure how that will go)

Happy new year! :D

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