Monday, November 12, 2012

Neeeeed more steps!

Lol I pretty much nailed my weekday routine. The struggle is during weekends!

Since I work 4 days a week, my 3 day weekends need to work as well.

Friday I thought since we were going to a concert (standing room only) in the evening Id be fine, but I ended the day missing 8000 steps :(

Saturday was crazy lol. I went to the gym for over 2hours, runnning 35 min, then strength training then running again and I was still missing about 7000 steps so my partner and I decided to eat out, but get there walking! Back home I was missing around 2000 steps so I just jumped around before settling in to watch a movie.

Yesterday I was sore from all my workouts... so I pretty much gave up... think I finished with 4000 steps or so, but it doesnt include my hockey game (1h30)

Today is a holiday so I went for a 12k run/walk

Hoping Ill get the rest of my steps walking around... lol well see

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