Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Welcoming our new baby

Hector!! (See picture below)

We got him a couple of weeks ago. Not sure why we named him Hector. All I know is it started on the bike ride to bring him back home. Because the trailer was empty, it was flying all over the place whenever I hit bumps and since cars kept slowing down thinking we were pulling kids my partner started yelling "careful with Hector!!" Whenever my bike was hitting bumps lol.

We looooove Hector! Takes a little getting used to but it's expending the options of our car-free experiment exponentially!

Last weekend was our first trip to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue with Hector. I pulled it empty on the way there, my partner pulled it full lost of the way back. I took over for the last couple of hills.

Whenever we're not pulling the trailer we feel like we're flying on our bikes lol. So it feels like it is a pretty good strength workout :)

Tomorrow night we're off to see Lewis Black. I can't wait!! We're even gonna ride the motorcycle to head downtown. It's going to be lots of fun. :)

Fri and Sat is more riding with my friend to get her to practice before her road rest. (Can't believe I didn't practice at all between the closed circuit test and the road test when I got my licence so many years ago!!)

It feels like the motorcycle sitting was the perfect opportunity for me to ease my way back into it and be ready to buy my own next year.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


So I coworker of mine is going away on vacation. And I'm babysitting his motorcycle while he's away :D

I went to the store yesterday to buy an extra helmet for my partner, a mesh jacket and gloves for myself. And today I drove the motorcycle from my office to our house.

I hadn't driven in so long, I was pretty nervous but it went super well.

So well that after supper my partner decided to come with me on a little errand to the atm. It was just a short easy ride to get used to the motorcycle on top of getting used to riding with a passenger.

We caught a little rain but it didn't last so we decided to go get an ice cream at our favorite spot.

Overall it was a very laid back ride and I'm getting more and more used to the motorcycle so it was a lot of fun. We're planning to go to Lewis Black's show during the just for laughs festival next week riding the bike instead of renting a car.

This weekend I will meet up with another coworker who's learning to ride because the way the licensing process works here is that once you have done your close circuit exam, you have a temporary licence which only allows you to ride with another rider if that person has had his or her real licence for at least 2 years.

Since I've had mine for close to 10 years without ever owning a bike lol I will be my coworker's buddy so she can practice before her road test.

I am also planning to attend a family dinner over the weekend. I haven't told them I'd be riding a motorcycle to get there!

So yeah I'm pretty excited. + my partner told me it is now time. That I just have to make a budget so I can  buy my own motorcycle next spring. :D

I'll try to attach the pic of my temporary baby that I took on my phone...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Some action!

So our lil cat brought a live mouse in our house... then decided the mouse wasn't worth killing. So while my partner jumped on the couch I tried catching the mouse with a broom and dustpan.

Missed my only good chance and couldn't find the mouse again even crouching with a flashlight to look under couches, piano etc.

My partner nicknamed the mouse Mickey.  But so far no new sightings of Mickey.

I'm hoping he/she found her way back outside but how can I ever make sure?

Stay tuned for new developments in the Mickey saga!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Keep improving

OK so I had lots of content that just disappeared on me :((((


I'm doing well, getting ready for the next step. In my case it'll involve a psychologist with a background in nutrition. I want to improve my relationship with food on top of getting help dealing with other personal issues.

Starting a motorcycle fund to finally buy one. Veeery excited about that! Had my licences for over 10 years I think but only drove here and there without ever owning one.

Lots of friends got their licence + bike this year so I'm incredibly jealous!  Now is the time! :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

I think today is the best day of my life

The youngest stepchild is finishing high school!

And although I am the evil stepmother to that child (according to her mind you ;)),  you have no idea how happy I am that I've reached the beginning of the end!

As per agreement, all I've got left is to pay for 2 years of cegep and then I'm done!!!

I cannot wait to be done being somewhat responsible for a kid who hates me (I'd rather help out the other two!).

It's truly liberating! :D

Crossing over to the dark side

Or so says my partner... lol

Haven't done any workouts besides my normal activities now that we don't have a car. 30k or so biking to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue to get our groceries at the farmers market. Shorter bike ride for the CSA baskets drop off and biking to work.

Slowly getting back on track with my nutrition though. Finally starting to get a routine with my new job. Just haven't started hitting the gym back...

The plan was to start this weekend + this week but something came up. That something is what officially made me cross over to the dark/rebellious side.

What is it you ask? I got piercings! OK so I had my ears pierced when I was 1 but stopped wearing earrings in my early teens cause my ears kept getting red, warm and swollen no matter the earrings. I'm interested in trying surgical steel or titanium eventually though.

But instead of taking such a little step, I went bigger/crazier! Lol

I got both my nipples pierced!  I went to x/s tattoo / piercing shop a couple of weeks ago to ask questions. Whenever I asked how painful it is, whoever was answering me hesitated or took a break to think about how to describe it before answering me.

I heard "not a lot", "it just pinches a little" and so on. It's only when I went back last weekend to get it done that I received an honest answer. Zara (or is it Zaara? I'm sorry I really am truly horrible with remembering names) but she said : "it sucks but it's short"

So I felt better prepared to see Les get to work (I highly recommend him btw he's awesome!)

So yeah after a little chit chat Les went to work and it did hurt! Lol its only after doing my other nipple that Les said most people just got 1 done and came back at another time to get the other one done so kudos to me! (Not sure if he was just saying that to be nice, but in any case, thanks Les!!) 

So yeah, now my partner thinks I'm less of a pussy... lol maybe now she'll believe me when I say I eventually wanna get a tattoo once I figure out what I want and where.

Made my partner laugh a lot telling her how it went. So ever since we're both not really believing it really happened. Until I lift my shirt up lol.

I had been thinking about it for several years but never looked seriously into it to answer my questions. So I guess it's my little mid-life crisis as I'm slowly approaching 40??

Anyways, the pain/sensitivity/swollenness is what has prevented me to get back to the gym. I'm seeing my trainer this week so he'll wip me back into shape! ;)

Only downside being I can't swim for 2 weeks... oh well. *shrugs*

Friday, June 13, 2014

Not much news

Love the new job, love the new boss and coworkers, but I'm running around a lot and I'm looking forward to being more knowledgeable.

My routine went out the window. I'm trying to bring it back. Haven't gone to the gym nor the pool much and I ate out a lot too...

So yeah, today was my first 5 day week in a long time. Will try to get my as back to the gym next week!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Who started the treadmill before I showed up?

New job officially started last week but since the person I'm taking half the workload from was on vacation, it was pretty slow last week compared to this week.

Feels like I got on a treadmill that was already going pretty fast even before I got on! Lol

I think I'm doing alright trying not to face plant from the speed... lol pretty fast paced but a lot of fun as well so all is good.

Looooove my new boss. Sad to think I might "lose" him with the major reorganization they're doing but such is life...

Technically I'm back on the 5 days a week wagon now.  But since I'm taking Thurs and Fri off for my in-laws visit part 2, it's giving me a lil breather.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Surviving the in-laws

They left yesterday to visit other people. We'll see them Sat for a family lunch but they won't come back to stay with us until next week for the last 3-4 days of their trip.

It's honestly going well. Had a couple of hiccups but nothing we weren't expecting so we were able to avoid escalation!

It is really helping that I'm taking days off work when they're around. Helps both my partner and I stay grounded and "manage" the in-laws better instead of me working all day only to come at night to my partner anxious and/or upset and spending the evening trying to figure out what happened and cheering her up.

*knocking on wood* so the rest of their visit goes as or more smoothly than the first half!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

In-laws visiting

Alright so the in laws arrived last night and they'll be with us until Wed. Then we'll meet them in Quebec City for a day by the end of the week and they'll come back to stay with us from the following Wed til the end of their trip.

They're nice and all but they also have hmm I'll just say colourful personalities so it's challenging at time. And since I'm really not the kind of person to own all the cool top of the line things on earth well that means I've opened myself up for judgement lol

Oh well. Mother in law's husband already stated he wouldn't be able to live with the image quality of the hockey game I watched on the projector last night. After that I kinda lost track of what else I'm doing wrong lol

I know they're meeting up with someone this afternoon so that'll give us some alone time. Hoping they'll have more plans on their own so we don't have to entertain them too much! (Yeah no I'm no entertainer at aaaaaaall)

Thursday, May 22, 2014


So I got rid of my scale. It's been one of the best decisions I've made in my life. Of course my trainer and dietetician are weighing me when they see me but I don't look and they don't tell me.

I feel sooooo good since I threw away my scale. Finally freed myself from the number. I know I'm heavier than I was when I first met my partner (read : I'm not done losing the weight I gained in the first 2 years of being with her lol) but right now I feel I am the fittest I've been in years!

I feel great and keep pushing myself more and more. Feel great in my body. Noticed changes in my muscle definition in my arms and legs +even my thighs, belly and butt!

When you think about it, getting rid of the scale makes so much sense. I don't know if it's the same for men, but as a woman there are so many factors affecting my weight on a daily basis that it's pretty useless to try and compare. Just think as the whole hormonal cycle you go through each month!

The only weigh-driven number I have to look for is the number my life insurance company gave me. They're actually charging me 2$ extra per month because I'm too heavy according to their charts. So I have to reach the weight they say is OK and maintain it for a year to get the surcharge removed.

So my trainer knows when to tell me my weight! Once there though I'll happily go on just knowing my weight during my annual checkup. :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Big news / big changes

So I got a promotion!! Same employer but different boss and different team.

Bigger salary bracket :D only downside being I'll be back to working 5 days a week. But I had already cleared it with my partner and she agreed it is worth it. So here I go!

It will mean shorter workdays so it'll be a nice change. It'll also help me with my workout routine since it's much easier for me to do my planned workouts on workdays vs weekends. I'll also be able to contribute more in the kitchen in general.

I am very much looking forward to new challenges. Although more changes are in store since my company is in the middle of a restructuration. So I'll see where I end up in the end. Lol

My mother in law and her husband are arriving for a visit shortly. So that's stressing my partner a lil.  I'll take a couple of days off to shoulder the load!

Waiting to see the actual numbers for my salary bump :D

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Promises promises lol

OK so I've once again failed to update my blog more often lol.

But I'm doing good! Lots of stress but I manage to make it to the gym and keep my eating under relative control.

Like my partner said, we're working on making so many deep changes on so many different fronts it would be completely crazy to expect ourselves to be perfect everywhere.

So I'm appreciating my progress. :)

The weekly circuit training class with my trainer really helps. My legs are getting much stronger. I noticed it during our 30k bike ride this past weekend. I was able to use bigger gears, being less out of breath and better able to keep up with my gf despite our cargo (we did our grocery that way).

We had to put our oldest cat down a little bit over a week ago. He was 14 so not totally unexpected but it really happened quickly (we thought he had a broken leg at first)  and out of nowhere so we're still mourning him.

My mom is not doing too well either so I've had to deal with peer pressure to do family stuff (which I haaaaaaaaate) still trying to remove myself from most obligations.  It's just hard to make everybody understands I really don't like family gatherings, I'd much rather do little visits (me, my gf with my parents for instance) to really have 1 on 1 quality time instead of group chaos. I'll get my point across eventually!

I'm on the verge of having a very good news. Still working out the details.

Haven't biked much nor swam... but the triathlon is still on! Lol

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Little progress

I keep making progress slowly.

Monday I wanted to get 8k Fuel points during my day which I've never done before. It was a busy day but I made it!

It was hard reaching my regular 3200 points yesterday as I was pretty tired from Monday but got that done as well.

OK so we ate restaurant twice yesterday but I've kept my portion under control so I'm glad. That and not having any alcohol. I'm really considering cutting alcohol all together.... I still enjoy the taste but I hate how dehydrated I feel afterwards...

I ordered new road ids now that we cut our home phone. If you want to get some yourself you can go here

Will try to update more before my week off ends :)

Monday, April 7, 2014


Soooo many realizations lately.

I have realized I'm an addict. I'm addicted to junk food. There I said it.

It didn't really hit me until recently. That is when my partner started to follow the steps of the book "your money or your life".

The first couple of steps are pretty time consuming. I didn't want to calculate all the money I made in my life so far so my partner estimated it.

I didn't want to list all our assets and assign them a monetary value so my partner did it.

I didn't want to write down every single expense and income accurate to the cent to balance at the end of the month but my partner did it.

And I started wondering why I was pretty reluctant to tell her how much I spend every day. Until it hit me. Telling her meant no more hidding.  Telling her meant owning up to chocolate bars/chips/soft drink snacks and junk food bought to make up for too small lunches or too often for lunches I didn't feel like eating.

That's when I realized I am addicted to junk food. That I kept making deals with myself (just this time, this is the last time I promise, just this little reward,  oh come on! I deserve it. I just went to the gym!! It's on my way...)

And ever since I made that realization I've felt so much better! I do treat myself like a junkie though so it's not always easy to never trust myself. So I carry a bigger, heavier backpack so I can have water, all my food and all my snacks with me)

And just when I had started to feel pretty good physically and mentally another realization kicked in : we have more money!! Cause I'm not eating it anymore!!

And to top that off our accountant called to tell us were getting a pretty decent tax return. Which will be used to pay most of our debts. Which moved me to tears (yes literally) cause I finally saw me and my partner getting over the hump. Finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel so we can finish paying our debts off in order to accelerate our payments on the mortgage AND start investing to eventually generate investment income that will exceed our expenses thus making us financially independant (FI if you read the book).

So yeah I'm pretty excited about everything right now! :) 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Many recaps

Alright. So once again it took me a while!

The whole weekend in Ottawa was amazing!! We swam before leaving Friday then headed out. Our suite was awesome. We walked around a lot and tried skating on the canal a bit but I kept getting foot cramps :(

Saturday we skied in the middle of the loppet in Gatineau Park lol. That park is really awesome! I think we skied 5 or 6k. We had lunch with a friend at the jade house (best place ever!!) Then back to our hotel to pass out and eat supper in our jammies lol

Sunday we skated the entire canal. That's like 15k round trip! ! Then had lunch at the smoque shack (another one of our favorites)

Then we drove back home after our very first very active weekend excursion! :)

I'm still working on tweaking my diet. My nutritionist is really helping me. I now carry copies of my daily eating plan with me so I can write out what I ate next to what I needed to eat. So far I'm really struggling with eating my portions of carbs (rice not really a fav of mine...) but I'm slowly getting there.

Fuelband wise, I just ended a 30 days streak which was pretty cool considering my longest previous streak was 18 days... and with an average of 2k points as opposed to 3k now :D

Next trip to Ottawa is coming closer than planned.  It's going to be a 1 night stay in April to see Slim!! Been forever since the last time I saw her at Absolute Comedy :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

One more day!

Lots of good progress lately. Trainer happy and I'm happy. I officially got rid of my scale. So only the trainer knows my weight. I don't look anymore.

Tomorrow I rented a car and my partner and I are going to Ottawa for a romantic/sporty weekend.

We're gonna skate on the Rideau canal, cross country ski I dunno where and possibly snowshoe as well.

I rented a suite so we're bringing most of our food. We're planning to only have 1 supper at the restaurant.

Gotta finish packing tonight cause we're going swimming tomorrow morning before leaving!

I'm finally  beginning to feel more energized from all the activity I'm doing and me likey!  :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Yes I am still alive.

The trip to Ottawa didn't happen due to warm weather + I pulled my back 2 days before... we rescheduled it for valentine's day weekend :D

I am hitting the gym more regularly and I looove the back strengthening program my trainer made me.

Working on the emotional eating with the nutritionist + trying to get the hang of my triathlon training program.

Working loooooots but at least I'm not skipping the gym!

Decided to stop looking at the scale since either way I'm screwed. If it's a good number I think I've worked hard and should reward myself with junk food.  If it's a bad number I get upset so I eat my emotions. Lose/lose

So my trainer weights me but I don't look.

We'll see how that goes.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Building blocks

once again, taking me forever between posts :(

once again, I've been super busy in the meantime...

maybe that's partly why I'm not getting any results fitness-wise.

using the holidays to work a lot of overtime to catch up on projects (yes I am overbooked!) and try to squeeze in some activities in between.

had a fun xmas' eve with my family and I'm enjoying seeing one of my partner's son with his gf for brunch and what not.

after the holidays I'll be in class for a week before taking a well deserved week off. We booked 2 nights in Ottawa to go skate on the Rideau canal. It's going to be amazing :D

after the holidays I plan to see my trainer and nutritionist every other week. I really wanna get back on track and achieve better results.

Still working on the emotional level because I keep bringing myself down being disappointed not to get better results faster. too much pressure leads me to give up too easily.

so yeah, familiar tune isn't it? well I'm getting sick of it! so I wanna move on!

my end of year/beginning of year motto is : always take care of yourself first. which is veeeery hard for me to do, but I'm slowly seeing progress.

My partner helps a lot. Watching her doing her physio exercises every day after having knee and shoulder probs for years is truly inspiring.

I know it's silly of me to say, but sometimes I get scared that by losing weight I will become attractive. I mean I know my partner loves me and finds me very attractive, but I fear being attractive to other people. Not sure exactly why other than it might make it even harder for me to be gay since I won't be as "un-noticeable" as I'm used to being.

I think not being pretty by society's standard is making it easier on me to be gay cause people don't care about me. Sometimes they do double takes to make sure I'm really a woman instead of a man in the women's restroom, but usually I don't get much attention when I'm out and about.

I might just be worrying for nothing... but it is something I think about quite regularly.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Time to get serious!

My partner and I just signed up for our first sprint triathlon next September!

She is a much faster swimmer than me, but her anxiety might make her wait for me lol. Otherwise I hope to catch up to her during the run (she's a faster biker as well, but I'm not sure if I'll use my hybrid bike or my dad's road bike). I am a faster runner than her so we'll see whether we'll do it together or appart.

Fun fun! :D