Tuesday, September 23, 2014

frustrating week

So haven't done much this week. I did go swim on Sunday so that was great.

The rest of the week fell flat so far thanks to the step-son who lives with us and his English gf... Neither of them works or studies, so they're partying it up before she flies back to the UK.

They come back home at every hour of the night so my partner and I have a hard time sleeping. So the 5am wakeup call goes unanswered!

She's nice and all, but she and the step-son clearly are not mature enough to make compromises that would be suitable for everybody. And they don't have enough cash to rent a hotel room in order to do whatever they want whenever they want. (although contrarily to their beliefs, hotels also have rules... :P)

so yeah, I'm now counting down the days until she leaves! (2 more nights!!)

Besides that I feel good, really wanna try to save this week cause I've been doing great so far and I really wanna reach my goal of being under 240 when I see my trainer in 2 weeks.

In other news, my dad's bday is this week so will try to take it easy on the cake ;) he's starting off the bday season as after him it's my partner, then me, then her 3 kids... lots of cake! ;)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Not too shabby

This week has been pretty good so far. I got up at 5 am everyday except this morning. Went to the pool twice and the gym once.

Last night my partner said she'd come to the gym with me this morning but today she changed her mind. And I did the same... oh well my knee was a bit sore so I guess a little break ain't too bad.

Back to the pool tomorrow morning + we will attend the masters' dry land session tomorrow night.

It's really fun to start being more and more active. I have no scale at home so won't find out my weight before my next appointment with the trainer and I like it that way. But I can tell that my body is changing and it's awesome!

Set clear goals with my therapist so I'm excited about that as well. Although I gotta say I've got my work cut out for me! She said not to worry about how we'll get there so I'm trusting her to bring me to destination!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

oh boy!

So I was sore all week from seeing my trainer on Monday!

I did manage to head to the gym close to my house at 6am Friday morning though :) next week my partner and I will be swimming 3-4 times a week. so I'm looking forward to that.

I plan to wake up each morning at pretty much the same time (5ish!) except on Saturday which shall be my sleeping in day (no alarms) and on Sunday maybe waking up at 6 to make it for the morning swim on Sunday mornings.

I'm always a bit nervous about going to a new place for the first time so I was nervous yesterday morning. but I quickly figured out how to do my regular workout with their weights and all that so I'm pretty happy.

seeing the trainer back in a month... aiming to be under 240lbs by then :)

oh and in other great news, it'll be 1 year since we sold our car! (I don't have the exact date but could prolly find out by looking through paperwork but who cares really?!?) a friend of ours is going to leave her car at our house for a couple of weeks while she's away... + I guess I did a good job babysitting my coworker's motorcycle cause he asked me to take care of it for 2 weeks in october :D

with new wheels and handlebars :))) it'll be a bit cold but I'm looking forward to it :D

this morning we went with Hector (our trusted bike trailer) to do our groceries about 15km away. At the beginning of the summer I was pulling empty Hector there while my partner was pulling full Hector back home but now I've finally managed to be stronger than my partner (although I must say in her case she has stronger leg muscles than me, but her joints are limiting her a bit). This morning she pulled empty Hector there and I pulled a fully loaded Hector back home!

We got back home just as the rain started and it's been raining hard all day afterwards so it felt good to take it easy at home sipping a cup of hot chocolate after doing our morning workout :))

so yeah, easy day tomorrow with laundry and a visit to the gym... will see if I can manage to head out for a run as well. my goal is to become a fitness freak (sorta! lol) so I can finally reach a healthier weight.

I'm pretty much done the introductions with my therapist. Next week we'll set clear goals together so I'll have a better idea of how she can help me.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


going back to work tomorrow... I don't wannaaaaaa!

It'll be nice to catch up with my coworkers and all, but I really looooooved my time off! I think it's the best vacation I've ever had!

We finished the week by doing a roadtrip to Niagara Falls. It was a lot of fun. :)

I did manage to get my 8k Fuelpoints/day for a week so I'm pretty excited!

Looking forward to seeing my trainer tomorrow and refocusing on numbers. My partner and I are also refocusing on finance numbers as we once again fell off track in our project to become financially independent. And now that we've had a glimpse of how life could be if I wasn't working 5 days a week, we want more!

We'll look into meeting with a financial planner soon in order to have a better action plan.

Still haven't started the your body is your own gym thingie yet, prolly this week.

The pool starts again next week, we'll try the early bird session (in the water at 6am!) we'll see how that goes!

so yeah, I'll go sulk the rest of the day away :( lol until next vacation! :D

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I'm terrible at this!

but here I am!

week 2 of my 3 weeks vacation and I have to say, it's been the most active vacation of mine in I believe forever!

wanted to use my time off to win some trophies I didn't have on Nike Plus with my Fuelband and so far so good! :)

managed to earn 6k Fuelpoints all week last week so that gave me a trophy. This week I'm aiming at 8k all week. Already got 2 days with 10000 Fuelpoints which were my very first and second time ever! :D so new trophy for 10k, working on another trophy for a full week at 8k or over.

so yeah, running almost every day + biking and walking sometimes. so I'm pretty dead at the end of the day. lol

saw my therapist a couple of times and we're still in the "getting to know each other" phase so I'll see how my therapist really is after that... so far it's ok, just feels good to be able to vent to someone without fearing judgement or worrying about creating a conflict.

I'm a bit worried about how I'll manage to stay as active once I get back to work. I know it'll be different but I can't say I'm looking forward to how challenging it's going to be. I'm slowly working my way on being able to bike to work. I'm aiming for next summer.

I see my trainer on my first week back at work and I can't wait. I'll ask him to tell me my weight this time cause I really wanna focus on getting under the magic number where my life insurance is applying a surcharge because they say I'm too fat! pffff

My personal doctor is finally back from mat leave... so I managed to get an appointment for my annual exam which didn't happen this year... appointment is for january! only good news about that is that it's giving me more time to get as close to 200lbs as I can if not under.

I'm pretty sore from all the activities, but I'm getting more used to it and I can finally see myself being that active and reclaiming my body, my health, my fitness.

will try to post again soon to talk about my new favorite book : "Body by you" by Mark Lauren which is precisely what I needed in my path of being gym-free and use own body exercises. :)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nothing like

Missy Higgins music to bring me back to my trip to Australia :)

It was so long ago. I had such a blast. Hope I'll get the opportunity to go back someday

1 day left!!

Yes I'm excited!

So excited that I left home to bike to the train station without my bike lock lol

Didn't have time to go back home so I pretended to lock my bike with a lock thats been tied to the bike rack forever. I just got the lock through my front wheel and around my water bottle rack and then I texted my partner asking if she could do me a huge favor by biking to the train station to lock my bike lol

Super busy day but I got over it. Tomorrow morning will be busy but will be coasting after that cause every assignment will be met with : "is it something that I can do today?" If not, "can it wait 3 weeks?" And if not then I'll gladly transfer it to someone else :)

Very tired lately. Not sure I got over the exhaustion of my first one on one therapy session. Looking forward to the other ones especially since I won't have to work afterwards!

Really not looking forward to the kids being back tomorrow. I know it's selfish but I wish I could have taken my vacation earlier. Since I was the last one I ended up with what was left with the consequence that the kids will be done working at camp.

OK so it's not all bad. Only one lives with us now and he has a bunch of plans that might mean he's going to be away for most of my vacation. I do love him a lot and wouldn't hesitate to give my life for his but when he's around he just does whatever he wants whenever he wants so that means loud music, playing video games or piano or having loud friends over whenever when its not being loud coming back home in the wee hours of the morning or getting lucky... so I don't really fell like I'm home...

Oh well let's not anticipate too much lol

I already know I'll most likely go for a run or to the gym when they get home to leave them the whole floor to tell their tall tales to their mom.

Yeah sometimes I do wish I was single or with a partner who doesn't have children. Hopefully it's not too often and doesn't last too long.

Home stretch!

I'm on my way to work. Only today and tomorrow left before 3 weeks off so I'm pretty excited.

Ran 3 miles Tuesday (the Nike plus running app doesn't seem to allow you to switch to km :()

Also had my first session with the therapist. It went well. I cried most of the session but it felt good to release all that, to be able to talk to someone without fear of judgement.

The first 2-3 sessions are spent getting to know me. After that she'll tell me what she sees and we'll discuss what we want to work on.

It made me realize I'm pretty isolated. Ever since I've stopped organizing things to see my friends nobody has taken over so I'm not seeing anyone. I'm not sure if it's me or if I just can't seem to be able to find good friends. (As in people willing to come see me instead of always being me who goes out of my way to see them)

Sure I've got a couple of coworkers I see outside of work for a happy hour once in a while but nothing else. Makes me miss my messageboard/chatroom/Paltalk days a bit...

The motorcycle will change that a bit next year since I'll be able to plan rides with a couple of coworkers.

Feels good to start being active again. I'm planning to kick it up a notch or two during my vacation hoping some of it will stick once I go back to work...

The kids are coming back from camp tomorrow. Not really looking forward to that. They're always hyper and loud and as usual I'll just have to find a corner to hide in so the one who ates me doesn't get too annoyed by my presence.

I'm pretty fed up with that arrangement and ended up being pretty vocal about it last time. My partner is finally getting ready to have serious talks with her kids. I'll see where I go from there. It's hard cause I just wish I never saw the one who hates me ever again but that's not going to happen. And even if that one started being nice to me I still wouldn't want a relationship with that one. So there's no way out really and it's frustrating.

And no, we didn't even get to that discussion with the therapist. But she knows I struggle with one of the stepchildren and it's a source of conflict with my partner. So we'll get to it eventually.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

1 week left!

Before my vacation! Can't wait!!

Yesterday my partner and I biked over 50k to visit my parents. We slept there and biked our way back home today.

Went very well considering we took turns pulling Hector but we're pretty tired today!

Got my laundry done so the rest of the day will be spent resting so I can survive my week at work lol

Tuesday night I went to the Rogers Cup to see Genie Bouchard's homecoming. Too bad she lost but the night was full of action as they had a major power outage so it was old school tennis with no scoreboards, no replays, no mic working for the ref! Lol

Fighting the urge to nap to catch a glimpse of Venus and possibly Roger's match.

I wanna start running regularly again this week. Got my eye on 3 Nike fuel trophies I'd like to get my hands on during my vacations :)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Yeah so we didn't make it to Lewis Black... :(

Got motorcycle probs on the way. So wasted 150$ on Lewis Black tix without  making it to the show, 100$ on towing and 100$ on garage fees.

That's what happens when your coworker buys a used motorcycle and doesn't get it inspected or anything before lending it to you...

Oh well. They suspect it is the side stand's sensor that is defective. They recommended changing it but I'd have to bring the motorcycle to a Ducati dealer for that so they at least cleaned it up and it hasn't been a problem so far...

Spent most of Saturday riding with my coworker. My wrists were sore afterwards! Lol

Next up is escorting her to her road test this week and possibly riding with her over the weekend. I bring the motorcycle back to its owner next week.

Overall I'm very happy with how it went. It's just that now I know what I want and it ain't a Ducati... :P

+ since it's not my bike it's not like I could customize it to make it more comfortable for both me and my partner to ride together.

Eagerly waiting for next year!!

Food wise it's been so-so. Gym wise not much. Trying to get back into some kind of routine before seeing my trainer next week.

+ I have started the process to consult a therapist to help me with my emotional eating. We'll see how that goes but I'm very optimistic and looming forward to this new step in my journey. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Welcoming our new baby

Hector!! (See picture below)

We got him a couple of weeks ago. Not sure why we named him Hector. All I know is it started on the bike ride to bring him back home. Because the trailer was empty, it was flying all over the place whenever I hit bumps and since cars kept slowing down thinking we were pulling kids my partner started yelling "careful with Hector!!" Whenever my bike was hitting bumps lol.

We looooove Hector! Takes a little getting used to but it's expending the options of our car-free experiment exponentially!

Last weekend was our first trip to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue with Hector. I pulled it empty on the way there, my partner pulled it full lost of the way back. I took over for the last couple of hills.

Whenever we're not pulling the trailer we feel like we're flying on our bikes lol. So it feels like it is a pretty good strength workout :)

Tomorrow night we're off to see Lewis Black. I can't wait!! We're even gonna ride the motorcycle to head downtown. It's going to be lots of fun. :)

Fri and Sat is more riding with my friend to get her to practice before her road rest. (Can't believe I didn't practice at all between the closed circuit test and the road test when I got my licence so many years ago!!)

It feels like the motorcycle sitting was the perfect opportunity for me to ease my way back into it and be ready to buy my own next year.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


So I coworker of mine is going away on vacation. And I'm babysitting his motorcycle while he's away :D

I went to the store yesterday to buy an extra helmet for my partner, a mesh jacket and gloves for myself. And today I drove the motorcycle from my office to our house.

I hadn't driven in so long, I was pretty nervous but it went super well.

So well that after supper my partner decided to come with me on a little errand to the atm. It was just a short easy ride to get used to the motorcycle on top of getting used to riding with a passenger.

We caught a little rain but it didn't last so we decided to go get an ice cream at our favorite spot.

Overall it was a very laid back ride and I'm getting more and more used to the motorcycle so it was a lot of fun. We're planning to go to Lewis Black's show during the just for laughs festival next week riding the bike instead of renting a car.

This weekend I will meet up with another coworker who's learning to ride because the way the licensing process works here is that once you have done your close circuit exam, you have a temporary licence which only allows you to ride with another rider if that person has had his or her real licence for at least 2 years.

Since I've had mine for close to 10 years without ever owning a bike lol I will be my coworker's buddy so she can practice before her road test.

I am also planning to attend a family dinner over the weekend. I haven't told them I'd be riding a motorcycle to get there!

So yeah I'm pretty excited. + my partner told me it is now time. That I just have to make a budget so I can  buy my own motorcycle next spring. :D

I'll try to attach the pic of my temporary baby that I took on my phone...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Some action!

So our lil cat brought a live mouse in our house... then decided the mouse wasn't worth killing. So while my partner jumped on the couch I tried catching the mouse with a broom and dustpan.

Missed my only good chance and couldn't find the mouse again even crouching with a flashlight to look under couches, piano etc.

My partner nicknamed the mouse Mickey.  But so far no new sightings of Mickey.

I'm hoping he/she found her way back outside but how can I ever make sure?

Stay tuned for new developments in the Mickey saga!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Keep improving

OK so I had lots of content that just disappeared on me :((((


I'm doing well, getting ready for the next step. In my case it'll involve a psychologist with a background in nutrition. I want to improve my relationship with food on top of getting help dealing with other personal issues.

Starting a motorcycle fund to finally buy one. Veeery excited about that! Had my licences for over 10 years I think but only drove here and there without ever owning one.

Lots of friends got their licence + bike this year so I'm incredibly jealous!  Now is the time! :)

Monday, June 23, 2014

I think today is the best day of my life

The youngest stepchild is finishing high school!

And although I am the evil stepmother to that child (according to her mind you ;)),  you have no idea how happy I am that I've reached the beginning of the end!

As per agreement, all I've got left is to pay for 2 years of cegep and then I'm done!!!

I cannot wait to be done being somewhat responsible for a kid who hates me (I'd rather help out the other two!).

It's truly liberating! :D

Crossing over to the dark side

Or so says my partner... lol

Haven't done any workouts besides my normal activities now that we don't have a car. 30k or so biking to Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue to get our groceries at the farmers market. Shorter bike ride for the CSA baskets drop off and biking to work.

Slowly getting back on track with my nutrition though. Finally starting to get a routine with my new job. Just haven't started hitting the gym back...

The plan was to start this weekend + this week but something came up. That something is what officially made me cross over to the dark/rebellious side.

What is it you ask? I got piercings! OK so I had my ears pierced when I was 1 but stopped wearing earrings in my early teens cause my ears kept getting red, warm and swollen no matter the earrings. I'm interested in trying surgical steel or titanium eventually though.

But instead of taking such a little step, I went bigger/crazier! Lol

I got both my nipples pierced!  I went to x/s tattoo / piercing shop a couple of weeks ago to ask questions. Whenever I asked how painful it is, whoever was answering me hesitated or took a break to think about how to describe it before answering me.

I heard "not a lot", "it just pinches a little" and so on. It's only when I went back last weekend to get it done that I received an honest answer. Zara (or is it Zaara? I'm sorry I really am truly horrible with remembering names) but she said : "it sucks but it's short"

So I felt better prepared to see Les get to work (I highly recommend him btw he's awesome!)

So yeah after a little chit chat Les went to work and it did hurt! Lol its only after doing my other nipple that Les said most people just got 1 done and came back at another time to get the other one done so kudos to me! (Not sure if he was just saying that to be nice, but in any case, thanks Les!!) 

So yeah, now my partner thinks I'm less of a pussy... lol maybe now she'll believe me when I say I eventually wanna get a tattoo once I figure out what I want and where.

Made my partner laugh a lot telling her how it went. So ever since we're both not really believing it really happened. Until I lift my shirt up lol.

I had been thinking about it for several years but never looked seriously into it to answer my questions. So I guess it's my little mid-life crisis as I'm slowly approaching 40??

Anyways, the pain/sensitivity/swollenness is what has prevented me to get back to the gym. I'm seeing my trainer this week so he'll wip me back into shape! ;)

Only downside being I can't swim for 2 weeks... oh well. *shrugs*

Friday, June 13, 2014

Not much news

Love the new job, love the new boss and coworkers, but I'm running around a lot and I'm looking forward to being more knowledgeable.

My routine went out the window. I'm trying to bring it back. Haven't gone to the gym nor the pool much and I ate out a lot too...

So yeah, today was my first 5 day week in a long time. Will try to get my as back to the gym next week!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Who started the treadmill before I showed up?

New job officially started last week but since the person I'm taking half the workload from was on vacation, it was pretty slow last week compared to this week.

Feels like I got on a treadmill that was already going pretty fast even before I got on! Lol

I think I'm doing alright trying not to face plant from the speed... lol pretty fast paced but a lot of fun as well so all is good.

Looooove my new boss. Sad to think I might "lose" him with the major reorganization they're doing but such is life...

Technically I'm back on the 5 days a week wagon now.  But since I'm taking Thurs and Fri off for my in-laws visit part 2, it's giving me a lil breather.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Surviving the in-laws

They left yesterday to visit other people. We'll see them Sat for a family lunch but they won't come back to stay with us until next week for the last 3-4 days of their trip.

It's honestly going well. Had a couple of hiccups but nothing we weren't expecting so we were able to avoid escalation!

It is really helping that I'm taking days off work when they're around. Helps both my partner and I stay grounded and "manage" the in-laws better instead of me working all day only to come at night to my partner anxious and/or upset and spending the evening trying to figure out what happened and cheering her up.

*knocking on wood* so the rest of their visit goes as or more smoothly than the first half!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

In-laws visiting

Alright so the in laws arrived last night and they'll be with us until Wed. Then we'll meet them in Quebec City for a day by the end of the week and they'll come back to stay with us from the following Wed til the end of their trip.

They're nice and all but they also have hmm I'll just say colourful personalities so it's challenging at time. And since I'm really not the kind of person to own all the cool top of the line things on earth well that means I've opened myself up for judgement lol

Oh well. Mother in law's husband already stated he wouldn't be able to live with the image quality of the hockey game I watched on the projector last night. After that I kinda lost track of what else I'm doing wrong lol

I know they're meeting up with someone this afternoon so that'll give us some alone time. Hoping they'll have more plans on their own so we don't have to entertain them too much! (Yeah no I'm no entertainer at aaaaaaall)