Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Little progress

I keep making progress slowly.

Monday I wanted to get 8k Fuel points during my day which I've never done before. It was a busy day but I made it!

It was hard reaching my regular 3200 points yesterday as I was pretty tired from Monday but got that done as well.

OK so we ate restaurant twice yesterday but I've kept my portion under control so I'm glad. That and not having any alcohol. I'm really considering cutting alcohol all together.... I still enjoy the taste but I hate how dehydrated I feel afterwards...

I ordered new road ids now that we cut our home phone. If you want to get some yourself you can go here

Will try to update more before my week off ends :)

Monday, April 7, 2014


Soooo many realizations lately.

I have realized I'm an addict. I'm addicted to junk food. There I said it.

It didn't really hit me until recently. That is when my partner started to follow the steps of the book "your money or your life".

The first couple of steps are pretty time consuming. I didn't want to calculate all the money I made in my life so far so my partner estimated it.

I didn't want to list all our assets and assign them a monetary value so my partner did it.

I didn't want to write down every single expense and income accurate to the cent to balance at the end of the month but my partner did it.

And I started wondering why I was pretty reluctant to tell her how much I spend every day. Until it hit me. Telling her meant no more hidding.  Telling her meant owning up to chocolate bars/chips/soft drink snacks and junk food bought to make up for too small lunches or too often for lunches I didn't feel like eating.

That's when I realized I am addicted to junk food. That I kept making deals with myself (just this time, this is the last time I promise, just this little reward,  oh come on! I deserve it. I just went to the gym!! It's on my way...)

And ever since I made that realization I've felt so much better! I do treat myself like a junkie though so it's not always easy to never trust myself. So I carry a bigger, heavier backpack so I can have water, all my food and all my snacks with me)

And just when I had started to feel pretty good physically and mentally another realization kicked in : we have more money!! Cause I'm not eating it anymore!!

And to top that off our accountant called to tell us were getting a pretty decent tax return. Which will be used to pay most of our debts. Which moved me to tears (yes literally) cause I finally saw me and my partner getting over the hump. Finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel so we can finish paying our debts off in order to accelerate our payments on the mortgage AND start investing to eventually generate investment income that will exceed our expenses thus making us financially independant (FI if you read the book).

So yeah I'm pretty excited about everything right now! :) 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Many recaps

Alright. So once again it took me a while!

The whole weekend in Ottawa was amazing!! We swam before leaving Friday then headed out. Our suite was awesome. We walked around a lot and tried skating on the canal a bit but I kept getting foot cramps :(

Saturday we skied in the middle of the loppet in Gatineau Park lol. That park is really awesome! I think we skied 5 or 6k. We had lunch with a friend at the jade house (best place ever!!) Then back to our hotel to pass out and eat supper in our jammies lol

Sunday we skated the entire canal. That's like 15k round trip! ! Then had lunch at the smoque shack (another one of our favorites)

Then we drove back home after our very first very active weekend excursion! :)

I'm still working on tweaking my diet. My nutritionist is really helping me. I now carry copies of my daily eating plan with me so I can write out what I ate next to what I needed to eat. So far I'm really struggling with eating my portions of carbs (rice not really a fav of mine...) but I'm slowly getting there.

Fuelband wise, I just ended a 30 days streak which was pretty cool considering my longest previous streak was 18 days... and with an average of 2k points as opposed to 3k now :D

Next trip to Ottawa is coming closer than planned.  It's going to be a 1 night stay in April to see Slim!! Been forever since the last time I saw her at Absolute Comedy :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

One more day!

Lots of good progress lately. Trainer happy and I'm happy. I officially got rid of my scale. So only the trainer knows my weight. I don't look anymore.

Tomorrow I rented a car and my partner and I are going to Ottawa for a romantic/sporty weekend.

We're gonna skate on the Rideau canal, cross country ski I dunno where and possibly snowshoe as well.

I rented a suite so we're bringing most of our food. We're planning to only have 1 supper at the restaurant.

Gotta finish packing tonight cause we're going swimming tomorrow morning before leaving!

I'm finally  beginning to feel more energized from all the activity I'm doing and me likey!  :)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Yes I am still alive.

The trip to Ottawa didn't happen due to warm weather + I pulled my back 2 days before... we rescheduled it for valentine's day weekend :D

I am hitting the gym more regularly and I looove the back strengthening program my trainer made me.

Working on the emotional eating with the nutritionist + trying to get the hang of my triathlon training program.

Working loooooots but at least I'm not skipping the gym!

Decided to stop looking at the scale since either way I'm screwed. If it's a good number I think I've worked hard and should reward myself with junk food.  If it's a bad number I get upset so I eat my emotions. Lose/lose

So my trainer weights me but I don't look.

We'll see how that goes.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Building blocks

once again, taking me forever between posts :(

once again, I've been super busy in the meantime...

maybe that's partly why I'm not getting any results fitness-wise.

using the holidays to work a lot of overtime to catch up on projects (yes I am overbooked!) and try to squeeze in some activities in between.

had a fun xmas' eve with my family and I'm enjoying seeing one of my partner's son with his gf for brunch and what not.

after the holidays I'll be in class for a week before taking a well deserved week off. We booked 2 nights in Ottawa to go skate on the Rideau canal. It's going to be amazing :D

after the holidays I plan to see my trainer and nutritionist every other week. I really wanna get back on track and achieve better results.

Still working on the emotional level because I keep bringing myself down being disappointed not to get better results faster. too much pressure leads me to give up too easily.

so yeah, familiar tune isn't it? well I'm getting sick of it! so I wanna move on!

my end of year/beginning of year motto is : always take care of yourself first. which is veeeery hard for me to do, but I'm slowly seeing progress.

My partner helps a lot. Watching her doing her physio exercises every day after having knee and shoulder probs for years is truly inspiring.

I know it's silly of me to say, but sometimes I get scared that by losing weight I will become attractive. I mean I know my partner loves me and finds me very attractive, but I fear being attractive to other people. Not sure exactly why other than it might make it even harder for me to be gay since I won't be as "un-noticeable" as I'm used to being.

I think not being pretty by society's standard is making it easier on me to be gay cause people don't care about me. Sometimes they do double takes to make sure I'm really a woman instead of a man in the women's restroom, but usually I don't get much attention when I'm out and about.

I might just be worrying for nothing... but it is something I think about quite regularly.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Time to get serious!

My partner and I just signed up for our first sprint triathlon next September!

She is a much faster swimmer than me, but her anxiety might make her wait for me lol. Otherwise I hope to catch up to her during the run (she's a faster biker as well, but I'm not sure if I'll use my hybrid bike or my dad's road bike). I am a faster runner than her so we'll see whether we'll do it together or appart.

Fun fun! :D

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Neeeed more regularity!

I really need to be more regular!

Going to the gym more regularly
Eating healthy more regularly
Blogging more regularly!!

I hate how my new habits are easily disturbed :(

I worked 50 hours 2 weeks ago so didnt eat well nor go to the gym much. Started getting sick last week. Cold turned into sinus pain, still struggling to get rid of it.

I want to get to the point where eating well and exercising isn't optional!

My knee is still bothering me but then again, I haven't done my exercises much... so my bad

The trip to Toronto was a lot of fun. We both loved the Ai Weiwei exhibit. Really didn't like the David Bowie one. It just felt like a big garage sale of his stage clothes and pics... oh well

Now that my and my partner's bdays are behind us, our eating is back on track lol

I will soon post pics of my bike trainer. So far I only tried it once for 2 sessions of 15min and I got sore. So there's pleeeenty of room for improvement this winter! Lol

A friend of my partner left us her car for a couple of weeks while she was away. So the car-free experiment is still going well. Lately I alternated between walking or biking to the train station. Who knows if I'll be snowshoeing to it this winter lol

Very tired from the sinus pain + this is shaping up to be another 40+ hours week, but I'll go back to the gym tomorrow.

Hopefully back at the pool tomorrow as well :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Minor adjustments

It's barely starting to sink in that we've sold the car. lol

We've been ordering in a bit more at first cause we weren't used to plan enough time for everything. We planned our bike errands well, but once home we were too tired to cook lol we're doing better this week.

It's a long weekend here for Thanksgiving so we decided to use it to finish our fence. We worked on the fence Friday and Saturday so we were left with Sunday and Monday to recuperate! :)

Perfect timing once again since it's raining on and off today.

We're putting the final touches to our quick trip to Toronto this week. We're going to see the Ai Weiwei exhibit at the AGO + the David Bowie one. We had already planned to take the train, so having sold the car earlier than expected hasn't changed those plans!

Very looking forward to that trip because we've been running around non stop for the past couple of weeks, so we're both tired and excited to take a short trip away from everything :)

My workouts have been on and off because of all the last minute changes of plans, it'll be the same this week lol but should go back to normal the week after. At least we're still going to the pool 2-3 times a week so it helps.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

we've done the unthinkable

we sold our car! yep you read that right.

I call it the car-free experiment. We both were thinking about it on our side and when we finally mentioned it to the other we realized we were on the same page. We didn't think it was worth it to pay to maintain a car that we're barely using. So we had been trying to sell it for a couple of weeks now. We were in no rush really, I just wanted the car sold before we had to put winter tires on (in Quebec we have a law mandating the installation of winter tires on all the cars by December 15th I think) we had a couple of visits and all. and we finally sold it this week.

we still don't quite realize it really, feels like I left it at the garage for some maintenance and we'll get it back soon. so now the debate is about putting a sign up or not. lol my partner feels that not having a car might make people think we're not home when we are at home. so she's worried it might invite burglars or any other kind of trouble makers in... I see her point, but I don't really wanna put a sign that reads "this is a car free home" so I told her we could look into finding some ecological friendly sign like "bicycle parking only" or stuff like that... lol that subtly says we don't have a car without sounding too "in your face" about it.

We were already standing out on our street when we had 1 car instead of 2 or 3 like everybody around us... and with our garden in the front yard on top of the one in the backyard... but now no car?!? lol we'll see the plan isn't to go car-free forever. We felt our car was too big for our needs right now + we really wanted to give a shot at having no car. just biking, walking or taking public transit everywhere and sometimes renting a car if needed. on top of that I also sold my hockey equipment (couldn't see myself carrying all my gear on a bike! lol + had already decided hockey was too expensive for me for the little exercise it provides. Don't get me wrong, I still love playing hockey and it is a great exercise. But it is pretty expensive (about 400-500$ per season) the season is only from Sept 'til March or so and it's only 1 game a week for about 1h-1h30. While a gym membership is about the same price, is valid the entire year and I can go whenever I want for as long as I want. so the costs/benefits is much better for me with the gym.

so yeah, year of the snake it is... lots of big changes already and it's not even over... we'll see what the rest of the year has in store for us! :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

No little mermaid but definitely having fun

Im really enjoying the masters swimming :)

There are 2 men who often come to practice in the evenings like me and we all get along great so its even more fun.

Im slowly trying to get used to my workouts outside the pool. Im not following everything to the letter, but it's starting to come together.

I have a really hard time getting up early though. Im convince its my body looking forward to the time change. After setting our clocks back wha? 3 weeks earlier for ages before they decided to push it back a couple of years ago, my body wants the extra hour of sleep! Lol

Monday, September 16, 2013

not quite like a fish...

I liked the masters swimmers so much after 1 week that I decided to join! Im really having a lot of fun. The coaches are awesome always willing to give tips to help me improve. I wasnt good at swimming with my head under water, but after a week Im already much more comfortable doing it! :) Im no Michael Phelps, but I am definitely improving and having a blast doing it!

I also love the change of pace from running. Im getting more comfortable in the water with each practice.:)

Saw both the nutritionnist and my trainer to get new meal/workout plans fitting with my new swimmer's life.

Also did a weigh in that wasn't great weight-wise (didn't lose much which was to be expected with my knee but awesoke body-composition wise. I converted 3lbs of fat into lean mass :D
My knee is doing much better and I can't wait to try out my new workout. Well I already tried only a part of it and I'm pretty sore lol.

My partner and I both loved the espritriathlon and started making plans to go next year.

We're also working on a big change in our lives. 2013 is the year of the snake in chinese astrology and that apparently means lots of changes. And since I happen to be born on the year of the snake myself, it's no wonder I've been going through so many changes this year! Lol

More on that soon I hope.

Friday, August 23, 2013

good news, bad news and some changes!

Had a pretty good month of July... August wasn't as great so far, but considering I was on vacation for 3 weeks I think I did ok! lol

It was soooo hard to go back to work on Monday! but my 3 weeks off with my partner were amazing :D

I started having pain in my right knee this week. Pretty sure it's because I need to change my running shoes so I already ordered new ones at the Running Room can't wait to get them :) (I think it'll be this week)

in the meantime I slowed down a bit, can't run so I've been walking + biking even if it is hurting when I go up hill or if I use a gear that is too high...

I hope I'm right and that the pain will go away fast.

I started icing it + elevating it... so I'll see

I found my first triathlon : Esprit Triathlon I love that it's on the Parc Jean Drapeau cause it's very easy... + you swim in the bassin instead of in the ocean or rough open water. + I feel safe doing loops for my first race. And it is known as being newbie-friendly (they have the most first timers in Canada I believe)

My partner and I will go check out this year's edition in a couple of weeks to decide if we sign up for next year (yes, she wants to do it with me! :) )

of course we'd go for the sprint triathlon, but I'm also eying the other distances as I think it'd be a good place to do my first Ironman before trying an official Ironman

as for the changes, I will go tryout the swimming masters for 2 weeks. it's where my partner swims. I thought I'd sign up for a stroke improvement class first, but one of her coaches is adamant I try the masters instead... so I'll give it a shot for 2 weeks and if it works, I'll end up swimming 3-4 times a week for 1h30 each time... so that'll definitely change my workout routine. I'll see with my trainer after the tryout so we can redesign my plan :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

it's been forever!

I actually don't remember the last time I was here! :(

I know I suck! oh well...

I'm now on vacation, so I decided to take some time to update my blog. First off, it's going very well with the new trainer, already lost 5 lbs! :)

I started a new thing... I bought a dry erase calendar for 4 months and I aim to at least write down one activity per day.

here's the picture when I started last month :
and here is a closeup of July later in the month :
my partner's the one who wrote down all the lil encouragement notes all over lol

my goal for July was to have 1 day off max per week. Now for August I don't wanna have any empty days + have 2 workout days more often. (anything under 20min doesn't make it on the board... my board, my rules! :P)

Color coding is as follow : 
black = gym or run
Red = bike
Blue = swim
Green = Wii! lol (I do not want any more days with only Wii in it... I use it more as a complement to reach my Fuelpoints goals! )

I also borrowed my dad's road bike and got it adjusted for me.

here is the before pic :

And the after pic :

 I haven't tried it since I got it fitted for me... but the addition of saddle bags is because I wanna try to bike to work! :) I'll try at least one time during my vacation to see how long it'll take me.

+ after my vacation I might bike to work, but hop on the train back home at the end of the day (not sure how I'll handle biking for over an hour, then working 9,5 hours before biking another 1h home! lol at least at first!)

but if it all goes well I wanna do it more and more so that next year I do not buy a train pass for the summer months (May through October or November depending on the weather) which would make me save money on top of giving me 2-3 hours of workouts per day.

as I get better, I'll eventually bring gym clothes to work with me so I can hit the gym during lunch, but for now just the biking will be enough! lol

been swimming more and more with my partner so far this summer. not really going crazy doing laps, but at least I'm getting used to swim more often. I'll look into taking a stroke improvement class early next year to get serious about swimming! lol

I still have my eye on doing a triathlon next year (most definitely a sprint triathlon) and hopefully an Ironman for my 40th bday (in a lil over 4 years thankfully!) but for now my focus is on weight loss through various activities.

Monday, May 27, 2013

yes my blog posts are as

frequent as my workouts! lol

yes I struggle BIIIIG time with managing my stress... ever since my partner's surgery I haven't really done much in terms of workouts

I was slowly starting to get back into it when my #fuelband had a malfunction... I was pretty disappointed to learn they wouldn't send me a new one before the end of May :((

I'm still waiting for it :((

I can't wait to get it back, it was part of my excuse for not working out as much since I don't have anything to compile my progresses...

had also lots of "relationship paperwork" to do... mortgage and all... sure glad it's all sorted out, but it did take lots of time and efforts

and lately I've been putting a lot of extra hours at work (worked close to 50 hours last week *eek*)

so once again, the first thing to go was my gym time... I'm still trying to figure it out. it being how do I get to stick to a workout schedule without dropping it after 2-3-4-6 months whenever I have a more stressful event happening in my life...

I'll start going to the gym again tomorrow, next week I'm meeting a new trainer (my old one started his own business so I had to get another one, but wanted to wait a bit before starting with a new trainer/new approach right away)

I've been reading a lot lately and I've just found my new challenge : triathlon!

I looooved Steven Jonas "Triathloning for ordinary mortals" I really like his approach. he aims to finish his triathlons happily and healthily and I really connected with that :)

I also enjoyed reading "Triathlon 101" by John Mora so I'll prolly use both of these books to work out a training schedule (after consulting with my new trainer of course!)

for now the goal is to lose as much weight as possible while getting in a better triathlon shape.

I've signed up with my partner to use the outdoor pool, so I'll get into swimming... I know how to swim, I'm just not an efficient swimmer by any means. so I'll slowly get back into it and plan to sign up for a stroke improvement course next spring before joining my partner at our city's masters :)

I borrowed my dad's kickass bike he's not using anymore... (I'll try to get a pic or two up soon) we're pretty much the same height and almost the same weight and similar shoe size, so I'm fortunate enough to get this opportunity of trying the bike part of it

so yeah... a sprint triathlon is definitely on the horizon, just not this year (weight loss this year remember? :P)

and I've already started contemplating trying an ironman triathlon (don't ask which one, I haven't contemplated that far yet lol) for my 40th bday (that leaves me a good 4 years and a half to get ready!)

but I'm definitely blaming Steven Jonas on that one! ;)

we'll see how it goes :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

struggling is part of the deal...

I'm having a rough time lately... started going to the gym semi regularly (2-4 times a week) but been pretty laid back about my workouts.

started seeing a therapist with my partner in order to figure out how to deal with the aftermath of her daughter leaving to stay with her dad instead of us. personally I am happy she is gone but I know my partner wants her daughter back home with us.

the daughter in question has been ignoring me since last fall and I do not want her back unless she at least acknowledges my presence. and well so far it seems to much too ask! *shakes head*

I'm also frustrated to have to pay for a house in which she has a room. I want to throw all her things away and just repaint the room as a guest bedroom, but as per our last therapy session, it is not an option right now.

I don't feel it's fair that my partner expects me to pay for everything and keep her daughter's room intact while it was her decision to move out.

she keeps seeing her daughter in the house being my back when I'm at work or gone elsewhere and I disagree with that because it feels like she's enabling her daughter...

and I still think I'm the only one making compromises here and it upsets me.

so yeah, on top of that put s'more stressful situations at work + me trying to change my habits into healthier one, and you've got a pretty good idea of how complicated my life is right now...

which sucks :(

I returned my Nike Fuelband cause one of the little led lights was defective. I can't wait to have it back! my friends are putting up amazing numbers (Fuelpoints) up while I'm not :((

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

still not doing a whole lot

working from home this week. I'm beginning to think it's as much of a transition for me as it is for my partner! lol

she's doing better and better although she sometimes feels down about how long it's taking her to get back into shape. I'm nowhere near being worried about the speed of her recovery.

I still haven't started going to the gym again :(

I've been so busy at home I'm too tired to go to the gym...

I feel like I'm on the verge of finally being serious about my goals. you know, when you are aware of what needs to be done, the efforts and all, but you're just not quite ready to commit to it yet?

well I feel more and more ready to commit to living a healthier life and getting to a healthy weight :)

in the meantime, I'll finish eating all the junk food we have home, then I'll get started! lol ;)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

some kind of routine

can't believe my first week off is almost over :(

the surgery went well and my partner is doing great :D

the pain is much more manageable now and she's back home with me :)

so I cook, clean and all lol I'm her personal nurse

I even made a cheesecake in the pressure cooker! My first attempt at a cheese cake was for her bday a couple of years ago and while it wasn't done in the pressure cooker back then, it looked like rubber lol and I ended up being the only one who dared to touch it!

but not this time :) it's really good! :))

so yeah, back to workout updates... I'm not doing as much as I want but I've been doing more than I feared. I should be doing 5k fuelpoints combined with 20k steps, but I'm doing around 2500-3000 fuelpoints combined with really not enough steps! lol

but I feared I'd be under 2k fuelpoints so it's not that bad all things considered. of course I eat junk and I really don't wanna look at the scale, but as my partner is slowly feeling better, I'll start going to the gym again. (haven't been able to leave her alone in the house a lot so far, only the bare minimum to go get her meds or quick errands)

in the meantime I'm working on little home projects. I fixed a t.p. roll holder in one of the bathrooms lol, I bought 2 doorknobs to replace old ones in the house hopefully tomorrow or next week... I have a hole in drywall to fix... and a couple of things to hang up in my office. so at least I'm working down that list... lol :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

last sprint...

busy busy busy, that sums my last couple of weeks well... lol

tomorrow is my last day at work for a while... I'm taking time off to take care of my partner.

She's having surgery Tuesday and I'm nervous... her anxiety is so so leading up to the surgery, but I really don't wanna lose her. I already knew she's my soulmate, but the upcoming surgery is making me feel it even more.

so yeah, the surgery calls for 8 weeks of rest, so I'm taking the first 3 weeks off work so I can be home to take care of her without going crazy running around home + work

I'll try to be as active as I can, but not sure I'll be able to go to the gym... I might only be able to run around the block waving at my partner after each lap! lol

the #nikeplus community is awesome! I added a lot of people on my leaderboard and it's really is a strong motivator :) it's just too bad I can't really go to the gym lately... but I'll catch up soon :D

we're finally all settled in our new offices (another reason I was running all over the place!) so I'm looking forward to go in tomorrow to wrap things up before taking time off to rest + focus on getting my partner back on her feet.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

random news

had an average week this week... it started as a great week, but along the way it became an average week... why?

well a friend of my partner needed a place to crash while dealing with something huge in her life... so she spent most of the week with us and since I was being the awesome partner that I am lol I spent a lot of time supporting my gf while also being there for her friend.

so I've skipped the gym on Thursday :(

and well yesterday and today were my usual weekend routine, nothing much happening... lol it's funny how it's so easy for me to hit my goals during the workdays, but almost impossible during the weekend!

I'm working on that! pfff :P

I did shovel twice today, but spent most of the day resting instead of going to the gym... not nearly enough to get my 5k FuelPoints + 20k steps... oh well

food-wise I've been doing better and better each day. so I'm trying hard to make it all come together for the upcoming week!

aiming for 4 perfect work days + hitting my goals for 2 of my 3 weekend days :)

last week I received the official results souvenir book/magazine from the Chicago marathon... reading the cheesy commercials + all the names including mine made me teary eyed! lol had a hard time realizing I really did it! it's done.. it's behind me now!

I am a marathoner! and nobody can take that away from me! :D

mini side note on the Lance Armstrong scandal : not impressed by his "confession" (he said nothing new really) and he came across as scaaaaaary! (egomaniac, sociopath, bully and more) the only thing clear is how badly he wants to compete again, which makes his life-time ban all the more fitting. Hoping nobody will give him another chance to ruin another sport (running, triathlon or anything else he might want to get involved in)